As part of IRD strategies and actions, the Geoazur laboratory develops cooperative research and education aiming at fostering developing countries of the Mediterranean and tropical areas.

Especially, Geoazur is involved in South America (IJL SVAN – Earthquakes and volcanoes in the Northern Andes), the Caribbean area (JEAI URGeo, Young research team associated to IRD), Lebanon (in the frame of the international research network O-LIFE) and the South-Western Pacific.

Our Research actions for development focus on the mechanics of seismogenic faults and the occurrence of large earthquakes, with the goal of quantifying telluric hazards and risks – seismic, gravitational and tsunamigenic phenomena.

In the framework of our Education actions in developing countries, we are involved in the Master of Geosciences of the Lebanese University and in the Master of Geosciences and Geohazards in the State University of Haiti.